Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cemetery Digital Data Entry Form -- Testing with The Historical Archaeology Class

The groups are finishing up using the new template to enter field data into digital format.  I am linking it to this blog along with the original recording assignment and some tips on data entry.  Most of the students have finished and only a few minor issues are emerging.  An obvious issue is how to translate hard-to-read forms.  This is common of all paper and pencil forms that are translated to digital.  Use of this form in the field will make this problem obsolete.  Another issue is hand-drawn figures on the paper and pencil forms.  We are simply recording that a figure was drawn in the digital form.  In the future, perhaps I will include a drawing platform for use in the field to augment the text-based form, much as the level form I plan to develop soon.  Stay tuned.

By the way, there was a lovely article by Alexis Madrigal in the Atlantic Monthly today on a very special artifact from the Fort Vancouver collections.  The story speaks for itself -- it is in the most humble artifacts that sometimes we find amazing connections!

Last, our web page for the Public Archaeology Field School at Fort Vancouver is live.  Applications are due no later than May 3.  Early notification deadline is April 5.  

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