Monday, July 8, 2013

Battery Life in the Field

One of the concerns raised by some with the use of tablets in the field was battery life and if the tablets would last through an entire day of field recording. I am happy to report that battery usage during excavation is about 20-40% during the day depending on the number of forms worked on. While the school is digging more slowly than a professional crew in the field, it appears that there is plenty of juice to record excavation data without having a supplemental source or having to swap out units.

In contrast, the cemetery recording project uses up an entire battery each day. One tablet ran out of juice before the final photos of monuments were recorded. This is undoubtedly due to the much larger number of forms created each day during cemetery recording.

By recording battery life each day, we should be able to get some metrics on the number of forms generated contrasted with battery expenditure. This week I will collect some data.

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